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Welcome to Tyler Citizen Transparency

Tyler Citizen Transparency provides unparalleled financial transparency and analysis tools to public sector entities. From their Tyler Citizen Transparency website, local governments and school districts can provide the public with easy access to government expenditure information for the current fiscal year, as well as historical view of previous years. Citizens and public officials alike can use the interactive site to search details of spending by category, department, fund, government area and vendor. The detail of financial data within Tyler Citizen Transparency covers every level of expenditures, from total spending by fiscal year to individual vendor payments. Unlike some applications that rely on static annual snapshots, Tyler Citizen Transparency is up to date with the most recent activity. Municipalities and schools also have the option to display their employee payroll, pension and revenue statement information.

The content and display parameters of this site are determined by the municipality. Tyler disclaims all libility for the inclusion and/or accuracy of the content displayed. Tyler makes no warranty with respect to restrictions on use and/or the application of copyright or other intellectual property rights for the content displayed herin.